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Welcome to Tibetan Jewelry, online store with jewelry and crafts form himalayan region, handmade from traditional materials. Far East masters are renowned for their art, and their works are full of heart. Treat yourself with manufactured in Tibet, sent directly to you, with free shipping worldwide! You will be amazed with design and charm of original Tibetan craftsmanship.

Our mission:

What inspired us to begin this activity and to specialize in the exportation and distribution of Tibetan ethnic jewelry and many other ethnic products was the belief that this type of art represents a part of the history, the culture and the symbolic and religious traditions. Consequently, this craft is presented in its own particular significant context with a clear explanation of its meaning. We are an online retailer & wholesale store specializing in handmade Tibetan jewelry and Tibetan artworks. We are selling directly from Asia. Our unique oriental goods are all also at very reasonable prices and with free shipping. We have a duty to Tibet and to ourselves. By bringing the fine crafts to everyone, we help both. We increase awareness of the ancient Tibetan people, culture, customs and beliefs. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do, and we welcome your suggestions. Thank you for your coming and feel free to contact us anytime by filling contact form in Delivery page.

Tibetan ornaments

Tibetan ornaments are full of reverie and different magic space of ancient symbols, permeated with ancient and mysterious tibetan culture. The prevalence of Buddhism in the local makes tibetan ornaments for men, women and children are loved to dress up themselves. First, it is not only a decoration, but has become a part of the Tibetan compatriots living. Whether in everyday life or in the Festival or go to worship. They carefully selected gems and exquisite carving, crafts of the highest in snow plateau hidden realm. Everyone is pride of artists. Through the features and exquisite polish, you can feel the natural simplicity and highlighting self-personality of this ancient nation. In fact, the land is not far away from us, really far away is the mood. Whether to set foot on the land itself is not important, but that you can find the soul of the pure land, the heart of highest mountains.

Culture and meaning of yak and gems

In the concept of people, the life of the sacred animal is beautiful. Mani people are always carved articles on yak skulls as a sacrifice. While the yak bone is also a unique home decor with original nature, rough bold and unconstrained, adding wild charm to the wearer.
Turquoise is December's birthstone and be considered as a love charm. If wife was disloyal, and its color will change. Turquoise brings you success and luck, especially worn along with the Sapphire.

Tradition and heritage

Traditional has a large definition and may be taken to imply antique when in actuality it is simply not. Necklaces, prayer flags rings, antique bracelets earrings, pendants, sterling silver rings bracelets, wholesale sterling silver anklets and much more could possibly be uncovered in possibly genuine traditional variations.

Bracelets and malas

Tibetan malas – prayer and meditation bracelets are usually along with strong ethnic ethnic characters and beautiful appearance. Nodays, it has formed a outstanding and unique group of its own. For the people who like the exotic feelings, pendant is a good choice. Usually, the bracelets are made from tbet silver, turquoise, semi-precious gemstone, coral and other materials. As we all know that, Coral is known to be used as a gem since prehistoric times. And it has a history of religious meaning and is one of the seven treasures in scriptures.
Decorating with red coral or turquoise, the bracelets are more charming and beautiful. Most of the bracelets are handmade by the skillful craftsman, and some are even built out of the temple monks.
We also have buddhist malas bracelets, which is namely the buddhism beads is a string of prayer beads, comparable to a rosary, used when reciting mantras or counting prayer. Such as 108 beads prayer bracelets, 27 beads prayer bracelets,21 beads prayer bracelets and 19 beads prayer bracelets.

Prayer flags

In mountain regions, you will find that prayer flags are hung high in the mountain, bridges, the top of the roof, outside monasteries, holy sites or places where you can catch the wind to bring peace and good Luck . As we all know, buddhist malas prevail in this region, so the prayer flags have unique meaning. Now please allow me to introduce you our prayer flags new arrivals. This style add some vibrant mountain color to your climbing partner’s home. It is also a simple way to invoke the ceremony and calm of a mountain kingdom steeped in tradition and it carries the prayers through the home, the neighborhood, and even the country. Ten olorful flags per set, with red, yellow, white, green and blue, making a wonderful addition to your shrine, home or garden.

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